01 July 2021

Zombie Apocalypse - The Whisperers Return!

Almost 6 (six goddamn years!) ago I built some Whisperers for my zombie-apocalypse games - since their first appearance back then in The Walking Dead comic they've now been included in the TV show (which I've long since stopped watching due to general shittiness!). I decided recently to add some more stealthy killers to them, based on a later comic where they're shown using flaming arrows against a settlement (now ended!) comic series.
I decided that bows and flame weapons would work nicely - in this case I've given the survivor on the left a crowbar, molotov cocktail (unlit) and a shotgun under his tarp/poncho and the survivor on the right is armed with a modern recurve bow.
The tarp/cloak/poncho is meant to offer some protection from the elements as well as disguising the fact that they're armed. This combined with the zombie skin leather suits they create should allow them to blend in with the large herds of zeds. The cloaks are generally paper towel with PVA added.
Here we have another recurve bow and a crossbow.
All of these are kitbashed from a selection of kits - the Male Survivors and Female Survivors from what was Wargames Factory (subsequently bought and sold by Warlord Games, sadly no longer in production), Studio Miniatures plastic zombies (heads and some arms), Warlord Games plastic GIs (various pouches, which a lot of ended up covered in the ponchos!) plus a shotgun from the Warlord Games plastic US Airborne kit.    

I'm using these to tick off both "Kitbashed Model" boxes...
Which takes me to a full house! I can start a fresh bingo board! That leaves me at 1150pts so far this year!


  1. Lovely job your Whisperers look spot on.

  2. Grand results! Always enjoyed your painting style and kitbashing. 6 years eh? ;) Just pleased to see you back in business, mate!