30 June 2021

What I done got did in the rest of June...

Just a quick post with the rest of the stuff I've been on with this month! I was hoping to have more finished for this month but various real life things have got in the way - pretty standard!
I really want to play some co-operative horror games when my friends start coming to visit now that lockdown is almost finished so I worked on these lovely gents!
I also got a bunch of fencing sorted out to go with my previously shown farmhouse and church terrain!
Finally a WizKids Dungeons & Dragons Carrion Crawler - a great mini that I almost finished last month, before it slipped off my desk and lost an antennae! I replaced both with plastic coated wire as you can see in the pic!
So, three Hero or Character squares and one Any Model - the fences don't count sadly as I'm out of appropriate boxes! Just Kitbashed Model boxes left - I have some WIP Genestealer-infected Orlock Gangers for Necromunda that will fit the bill!
I think that takes me up to 530pts with all the additional lines crossed off! I'm planning on taking better pictures of my horror minis and fences in the next couple of weeks and I want to post about the horror project plans soon too - let me know what you think of the above!

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