15 October 2022

Don't Look Back - Co-op Horror Skirmish Wargame


Hello all!

This is just a quick post to show signs of life! I painted these earlier in the year and was really happy with them! They’re the survivors and killer that come with the Don’t Look Back starter set from Black Site Studios - I’ve heard lots of good things about the game and I’m hoping to get a scenario or two in for Halloween!

The killer is multipart and has a number of head and hand options, plus an optional holster. All the figures were crisply cast in resin! My only wish is that the expansions from BSS were available as PDFs as it’s expensive to get them over here in Northern Blighty!

Let me know what you think - more previously finished figures coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. L-R:
    Helpful Local Asylum Escapee.
    Nerdy unlucky with the girls type
    Park Ranger who dies in the opening credits
    Arsehole Jock
    The Sole Survivor
    Preppy Cheerleader who dies after a nude/underwear scene
    The Killer with his Shotgun/Brother of the Cheerleader/Boyfriend of the Sole Survivor who in a twist ends up killing him.

    Did I get them right?