Friday, 19 February 2021

Dunbarr Torok, Ogre Bounty Hunter

I’m in the process of collecting a whole bunch of classic ogres from GW and other sources - this began with a couple of figures for various warbands and has spiralled into lots of different ogres that I may one day use as an army in Age of Sigmar or Saga: Age of Magic! This is the Ogre “Bounty Hunter” sculpted by the one and only Jes Goodwin for Games Workshop somewhere around the year of my birth (1986). It also happens to be one of my favourite miniatures of all time! 

I love the various details - to begin with, his clothing is just superb - a multi-textured mix of fabrics, leather, furs and chainmail. He is the epitome of hardened veteran, with heavily weathered and patched equipment that I imagine he is massively comfortable with the usage of. He grips the severed head of his latest target, dripping fresh blood onto the ground below himself.

One leather glove covers the hand currently gripping his main armament, a massive sword that only an ogre-sized creature could lift, never-mind use successfully! The notches in the blade of the sword suggest that it is well used and it is backed up by a wicked dagger that would be a longsword in the hands of a human.

Speaking of human hands, he has a couple of them hanging from his various pouches - I like to imagine that these were taken as some kind of punishment - perhaps a bounty was posted to take the hands of a thief? 

Finally, a note on the paint scheme - I went for a dark scheme overall that seemed to suit the mood of the figure, with a dark green as the main colour of the fabric of his hood. I wanted to clearly show off all the pouches, trinkets and trophies and I think the dark main colour helps with this. As a final touch on the details I added a bunch of small tattoos on his glove-less hand and lower arm - I imagine that he has served in some mercenary companies and these are mementos of battles where he was first over the wall or had a particularly notable kill...

Getting there! I have even more to post about soon!

Thursday, 18 February 2021

The Throne of the Goblin King

Presenting the throne of the Goblin King! Or Ogre King, Ghoul Queen, Bugbear Emperor... You get the idea!

This is from the Escape from Goblin Town boxed set accompanying The Hobbit films - I realised the other day that I’ve bought almost all the components from the set apart from the dwarves and Gandalf! All in separate auctions or at wargaming shows (my last score was a bag of about 30 of the lovely (disgusting) goblins at the Vapnartak show in York a couple of years ago). I’ve also got the rickety platforms all painted up and a horde of the goblins that I believe I’ve shown previously on the blog!

What can I say about the terrain piece as it comes from Games Workshop? Mediocre? I can see why it was done that way but it certainly lacks something, hence why I added foam to bulk out the missing rear (see what I mean in the final picture (which is not mine and was found online for reference)) - the reverse of it is effectively just...not there! I used scraps of polystyrene glued together to form the rest of the rock outcrop, then carved it into shape and slathered over a mixture of PVA, a little sand and wall filler to create the texture of the rock. Once dry I worked out where the metal banding holding the (fancy formerly dwarven bed) to the rock would go and connect to the other side, which I then carved into the plaster mix and foam, to create the grooves for it to sit in. I made the banding with thin card, cut to size and then glued in place. I added rivets to this (pearls from a water filter) and then mounted it on a shaped piece of plasticard.

Painting this was a joy - I got so many colours in there for all the grime, mold, moss and algae and added patches of flock for the thicker areas of moss. It could of ended up a boring slab of grey rock, but these added life to the piece and set it nicely in a damp underground catacomb or pit. One thing I’d like to mention is the fact that this is also the King’s toilet - how grimy and glorious is that?! There is a bucket full of turds just underneath and a hole in the seat!


Magister Cthirian Coldheart

Introducing Magister Cthirian Coldheart and his familiar Mórðvíg! Available for all resurrections, curses, enchantments and glamours, with a specialisation in bringing ones allies back from the grave...

This gent is a lovely *classic* wizard from Reaper Miniatures in the Bones plastic material - I love all the details and shapes used in it’s sculpting. This guy is intended for use in all sorts of different games but as I was painting him I had it in my head that he’s generally a good guy that has developed a slightly unhealthy interest in necromancy. Purple is the colour of Death Magic in Warhammer and Age of Sigmar and I do think of it as a very appropriate colour for wizards! Thus, I tried to incorporate a bunch of shades of purple in his scheme - I hope you agree with me when I say that I think I achieved this! Also, this miniature has been sat undercoated in my collection for aaaages! I picked him out of the backlog last month and cracked on!


Saturday, 13 February 2021

Compsognathus Mob


I completed this pack of compys in the last week of December - a pack of the lovely little turkey-sized scavengers dinosaurs.

These delicate figures are from the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company - they have a brilliant range of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures (not to mention some other lovely ranges). I have plans percolating for a Jurassic Park/World-themed solo/co-operative game using the Rangers of Shadow Deep rules - I already completed a group of Tamiya Velociraptors a couple of years back and I have various others in the works! The “Rangers” themselves are from Hasslefree Miniatures and I have a bunch of additional jungle train to revamp!