08 June 2021

Barricades and Loot - The Walking Dead Miniatures Game, Mantic

I was recently having a think about what I’d need to start playing a couple of games and it struck me that it would only take a little bit of work to be able to play both Dracula’s America and something like Last Days Zombie Apocalypse - there’s some crossover for me with these skirmish games, I’ll likely be setting both campaigns around the Louisiana area and the recently completed farmhouse, barn and church would work for rural America - with the right set dressing I’d be more than happy to use them for both 1870s and modern times!
This bunch of barricades and objective markers come from Mantic Games and were originally an upgrade for their The Walking Dead base game to take you from cardboard terrain to 3D detailed pieces. A while ago (5 years maybes?) Mantic had a special festive offer, giving you double the set for the same price - so around £18 for 8 wrecked vehicles, 12 barricades and 20 loot/objective markers. It seemed perfect for my zomb-apoc and post-apoc collections and my sister bought me them as a Christmas gift.
Upon receiving them I was impressed - they’re generally high detail and cleaning up the few moldlines here and there wasn’t too arduous. I believe this set is now available through their Terrain Crate line which has subsequently been released.  As usual, I got these cleaned up, undercoated and promptly got distracted by something shiny and new!
As part of the aforementioned “get a game started” target, I thought these were a perfect addition to my modern zomb-apoc plans! Some of the barricades (the ones that are all wooden) could easily work for Dracula’s America as well as the planned Lovecraftian gaming too!
The crates of cans are my favourite part of the set and I took some time to paint some teeny tiny Heinz Baked Beans and Campbells soup labels. I also attempted to add some newspaper-ish squiggles on some of the papers lying against the boxes or on some of the other markers - I also included a TIME magazine somewhere in there, some American dollars and even a tiny drivers license (I googled US driving license and used McLovin’s as inspiration!).
Finally, the backpacks - the bunny was my favourite!

This is 32 components in total and they’ll count as 3 x 10 Figures. I need to get these posts updated with my Bingo card - hopefully I can get that done soon! Thanks for reading and I’d LOVE to read your thoughts! 

Next up are the 8 vehicles from the set - 4 sedans and 4 pickup trucks. I sprayed them with a bunch of rattle-can dregs a while back to mix things up. I should have them finished in the next week or so. After those I think it’ll be some fences - I have some from Renedra that will work for both of the aforementioned settings!

31 May 2021

Medieval Beekeepers - Midlam Miniatures


Blasted through these lovely mega quirky medieval beekeepers from Midlam Miniatures this evening - they do these and some lovely Halfling ones too! Their whole range is great and has many gems that you’d struggle to find elsewhere! I’ve catalogued my dark ages/medieval/fantasy villagers elsewhere on this blog (back in the mists of time) and these will fit perfectly alongside the rest of the stuff I already have!
As you can see from this recreation, the sculpts are pretty spot on from what we know about medieval beekeeping! I’ve seen an amazing terrain piece including bee hives in a shelter built in the roots of a fallen tree that I really want to emulate when I get around to building more dark ages terrain! I also have a set of hives from Midlam that I’ll be incorporating into that piece!

That leaves me on a healthy 260 points for Hobby Bingo!

The Deep One

I’m a sucker for expanding my Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos Bestiary - I already have a few different Deep Ones but really liked this “Swamp Monster”-style one that I believe is a Dungeons & Dragons metal miniature.

I’ve just realised that I meant to give it a glossy greenish coat to finish off the base to represent the swampy areas I imagine it dwells! Bugger! Oh well, it’s finished for now!

250 points! I’ve not done the board for him yet, so I’ll update later! Looking at the boards though, it seems I need to be painting some larger groups of figures! I’ll get on that!

Nodding Donkey Oil Derricks - TTCombat

These two are a terrain feature that’s been hanging around my desk for a few months now, always with the worry that one of the cats might scatter some of the sub-assemblies into the netherworld of the office floor...
This is an old kit from TTCombat and it shows - newer kits of theirs tend to fit together a lot smoother and get the details better (for example, anywhere you see connecting rods originally had square pegs to go in round holes...).
Even still, I’m really happy with the end result - two decent sized pieces of terrain that will fit in a few different theatres of battle!
Now this kit comes from the “Wild West” section of TTCombat’s brilliant MDF terrain, but that’s not quite right - I wondered when they were actually first used and apparently that’d be around 1925 and onwards. As such, they’ll likely not appear in any “normal” Wild West games I set up, but they might still sneak in to Dracula’s America games - I’d just headcanon it as some mad scientist having come up with them sooner in order to extract the sorcerous elements coveted by the factions in that game! 
They’ll also see use in the 1950s Man in the High Castle-themed American Resistance games I have planned as well as Gaslands, the post-apocalypse, the zombie-apocalypse and even Necromunda!

That’s 240 points!