31 October 2022

Wishing you a Merry Zomtober with a Zombie Bear!

 Hey look! It’s a Lesser Spotted Zombear! 

A lovely figure from Great Escape Games’ Dead Man’s Hand range - I picked it up alongside a pair of Wendigo and a zombie Thunderbird (of Native American myth).

I could easily see this being the work of a necromancer in Dungeons & Dragons or even in the Age of Sigmar.

I took part in Zomtober for a long time on the blog, so here’s my token participation, started and finished in the month of October - it was a pleasure to paint, with the final touches being the fresher blood, added earlier today!


  1. You feeling alright mate?
    Two posts in a month after over a year of inactivity?

    Do I have to bug you for your next post?


  2. I do like the peeled away flesh effect you managed to get. Really looks quite gruesome.
    Will this be used for Dracula's America?
    Speaking of, are we ever going to video call any Dracula's America games?

  3. Thats a pretty cool model. Great job!