12 March 2023

Monster March - A Tad Delayed

Hello all,
At the prompting of my brother in brushes, Lewis, I decided to join Monster March, a yearly painting challenge from Swordmaster’s blog. I’m delayed in posting this, but I hope that’s okay!
I decided pretty quickly that I’d work on these two undead ogres that have been hanging around the desk for a while! I sometimes take the time to add tufts to my bases before finishing up a paint job, as I like to do this in batches! 

One of the undead ogres is a fan-sculpt that I saw available on Facebook - it’s a great Oldhammer-themed sculpt based on Hrothyogg, the Ogre Champion by Jes Goodwin. There are some lovely details in there!

The bigger lad is from Reaper Bones and is a mountain of plate armour that I’m looking forward to working on! The aesthetic seems very much like Darkest Dungeon, of which I am a huge fan of it’s murky grey Lovecraftian fantasy setting!
If I get these two finished off I’ll work on this Perry Brothers Ogre. Again, this mini is loaded with different metal textures - it’ll be fun to weather!
Finally, if I get all of the above finished off I’ll try and paint this recent acquisition, which was found recently in a charity shop for 50p! I started cleaning up some of the moldlines - the original paint job really is a cut above some of the other pre-painted figures I’ve re-based and re-purposed previously. He

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