21 February 2023

Keep Finishing Things - The Bridge Troll


So I was really chuffed to finish off the Creature from the Black Lagoon from my last post, but the key for me is also the “getting pictures took” part of the process too!
Here’s a figure with a bit of a story - I first saw it in Travelling Man Newcastle way back when I lived up there. It was right in the back of the shop and had been trapped in it’s blister pack for a good 10 or more years - how is it that I felt bad for a metal miniature!
Fast forward a bunch of years and I see the yellowed blister pack of this Iron Kingdoms RPG miniature and decide to rescue it.
After that it was built and undercoated and went in the queue for a couple of years, before I finally picked it up last night and painted the majority of it in one sitting. I added the static flock tufts and some gloss varnish mixed with swampy tones added to the base and it’s clammy flesh at lunchtime today and then photos once I finished work.


  1. Nice work. Keep up the momentum and get something else finished and posted before the end of the month!
    That's your new challenge.

    Is the troll meant to have rows of teeth similar to a sharks?
    Or are they meant to look like Christmas Trees?