31 August 2015

ZombApoc - Whisperers - Group Shot

Finally, the Whisperer gang all together! I'm extremely happy with how these have ended up - simple kitbashing and a bit of pushing around some putty and they were ready for paint! I'm not quite sure how these will work in-game - I'm thinking of some mechanism that allows them to be "invisible" to zombies, unless they use a firearm. On all of these I've tried to stick with (in some cases, very vicious) melee weapons, with at least a pistol in a holster to back them up. A few have shotguns (sawn-offs for concealment), a couple have machine pistols and the rest have various other pistols. They will be very much a stealth-based gang. I can't wait to use these in a campaign!

Next up for my zomb-apoc collection are some "normal" survivors - I actually built them last year, but they weren't as interesting to paint as these guys! They'll be more generic survivors - at the moment, the other non-Whisperer survivors are more like special characters than generic Rick Grimes and co. "normal" survivors.

Thanks for reading - I hope you've enjoyed the Whisperers!


  1. I have throughly enjoyed watching this group come together, wonderfully disturbing and original work - bravo sir.

  2. Top job dude! Great idea, well executed.

  3. Just utterly fantastic. Some of the best zombies I've ever seen.

  4. I've certainly enjoyed seeing these being posted. Nice different addition to an otherwise rather too visited genre.

  5. Nice work on the Whisperers!

    Good to see you still at it and pumping out models like a machine ^_^