04 October 2014

6MMRPC September Recap

Time for the September 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge round-up! I'm going to dive straight in with a little bit on what each blogger has got upto! If I've somehow missed anyone off the list, please comment below and I'll update as soon as possible!
  1. The Spider Web of History - Dave has managed to get a bunch of stuff finished - he's mainly been stuck in the Dark Ages and has managed to complete a lovely unit of Viking Beserkers, a bunch of warriors, some townsfolk, a lovely scratchbuilt terrain piece and has managed a big chunk of assembly of various plastics! As usual, Dave can also be found over on Instagram as irishjaeger
  2. Mik's Minis - Mik started off well over on Instagram painting up some Omega Protocol figures, but slowed to a halt later in the month.
  3. Tiny Solitary Soldiers - Spacejacker finished off some lovely aliens (Prang from 15mm.co.uk) - you can find more of his work on Instagram.
  4. dead lead project - Olly has been getting some work done repainting the WotC Star Wars pre-paints - lovely work indeed! You can also find him over on Instagram.
  5. The Lost and the Damned and the Stunted - Dai has been working on a lovely mix of stuff - I love the barbarian and the Red Box Games necromancer in particular! 
  6. Tower of The Archmage - David has been working on some of the lovely Reaper Bones figures - the blue-skinned orcs look great!
  7. Random Encounters - tomw has painted a bunch of different knights and other metals, plus used one of his Jokers in order to take up an "offer he can't refuse" on a bunch of Foundry blisters. To be honest, if I'd seen that offer, I'd have been tempted myself!
  8. Paintbrush and Superglue - Matt has finished some PLA, a lovely officer for his partisans (what an awesome figure!) and is also partaking in Zombtober, having completed a survivor for the first week.
  9. Planet Ares VI - Stroezie has completed a load of lovely 6mm sci-fi vehicles!
  10. Grey Wolf Studio - Dave C (so many Daves in this challenge!) has now migrated to blogspot and has got started on a massive amount of figures this month - lots of priming and basecoating - check out his posts for the enormous task before him!
  11. Mad Tin Hatter has finished off a nice batch of Flames of War figures, but a house move has somewhat stalled the productivity...which is entirely understandable!
  12. Horsewood Inc. has been working on various 40k figures - lots of nice kitbashes from various sets, including the old Warzone plastics!
  13. Pants of War - Spiro got off to a good start with some lovely Forgeworld Warmaster terrain, but things slowed due to family issues - I look forward to more lovely paint from him in the near future!
  14. Miniature Insurrection - (another!) Dave has been working on Napoleonics, some lovely rocky spires to add to his terrain collection, but had a donation from a mate of various bloody lovely blister packs of old lead (well, white metal...) - I'm green with envy!
  15. Rust and the City - Cameron has been working hard and getting loads done - lots of Flames of War stuff! Check out his lovely crisp painting and the fantastic bases on his 15mm infantry!
  16. Bloodthorn Studios - a latecomer to the party but equally welcome! It's never too late to try and reduce your lead mountain! Bloodthorn will be working on Malifaux and Sedition Wars!
Once again, if I've missed anyone out, tell me in the comments! I'm also planning on putting up a round-up of the stuff I've completed this month too (plus, I got a lightbox, a beauty of a backdrop from Hangar 18 and some new lights!) once I get around to taking good pictures!


  1. Poor Miniature Insurrection got left out. Perhaps the powers that be are trying not to give credibility to the rebels... =P

  2. Thanks for including me! ^_^

    This truly has been a real motivating effort for me.

    1. That's brilliant to hear! Keep up the good work mate!

  3. I considered doing this, looked at my lead mountain and started to weep. Maybe next year...

    1. Join us Herbert! There's been at least one or two late starts. It's not about defeating the mountain....it's about chiseling it away faster than it grows....

    2. Yeah join ussss! Dave has got it in one there, start chiselling away now!

    3. I hear you, brother! The enormity of the mountain can intimidate us, if we let it. My advice? Crawl. Walk. Climb. One mini, then another, then small groups. If painting the minis you own is important to you (and it seems to be, if you weep over it, metaphorically speaking), then just pick one mini to start and let the group encourage you.

  4. You missed me: rustandthecity.blogspot.com. I haven't gotten as much done in the second half of the month though.

    1. Sorry mate, now updated! Loving the FoW stuff!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to update us on all the blogs. I've been a bit behind, but getting back into gear (reading and painting) this week.