Monday, 2 August 2010

Weird WWII - US and British forces

I recently rediscovered a box of Weird WWII miniatures that I'd traded for from a friend on the Ammobunker forum which were to supplement the forces I've already done some work on. I also discovered East Riding Miniatures and realised that I'd already painted a German Officer from them a few months ago. I liked a couple of their ranges and ended up buying this British Zombie Hunter (although he seems more like a vampire hunter to me, perfect to face the Secrets of the Third Reich Vampire I finished last month):

Lovely sculpt from Jim Bowen and only £1.25! Very fast shipping as well - I ordered on the Friday afternoon and they arrived on the Monday morning! The cast was nice, although as you can see, the groin needed filling slightly with some green stuff...

I'm not entirely what company makes the NCO on the left, but the gunslinger is Wild Bill Donovan from West Wind Productions - a real person who helped form the OSS during WWII and later the CIA.

These are Berlin or Bust American GIs - these minis have a lot of character with some great poses. I've kept all of my WWWII and Pulp figures on the "lipped" Warmachine-style bases. I think they suit them and it helps me keep them all together.

Just a preview of what's coming up in the months ahead. I also have some other Darkson Designs Americans and a few Germans on the way, plus a Sherman I painted a while back that needs weathering up. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great Job and you have a head start with all the new WEIRD WAR stuff coming out.