Friday, 23 May 2014

Sacrificial Virgin...maybes.

As part of my Mordheim collection I also re-based this figure from Ramshackle Games - it's a free figure that they offer as part of an order that I thought would make a great objective marker for a scenario. I'd originally based it up on a 25mm square base, but decided to clip that off and glue it to a round MDF base I picked up at a wargames convention. I added the sand and gravel as usual, undercoated it black, repainted it in my normal basing colours and added flock and tufts. I gave the figure a black/brown "muck wash" and added rust to the banding and padlocks, but other than that this was painted around 6 years ago alongside the rest of the warband!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

It's been a while...

So, here's what I've been working on lately - all the pictures are from Instagram (link in the sidebar!) where I usually update daily (it's a lot easier to upload pictures and comment on them through my iPhone)...

Most of my Fantasy stuff is now based on the round Warmachine-style lipped bases - I hated the look of square-based minis fighting round-based minis, so I decided to go back and rebase my Mordheim mercenary warband!
I'm also a bit obsessed with weighting my bases - I've done it for years with the hollow-bottomed 40K bases, but I decided to start and do it with this sort too - I clip out the slottas, clean them up with a Dremel and add a 2p coin to the base. Adds stability and heft, especially good when it's a plastic mini!
This is where I'm currently upto - new bases, sand and gravel added, painted, static flock! I took the opportunity to make some slight changes here and there and I'll be going back over the figures to finish off the paintjobs (they were paintied about 6 years ago and could do with some highlights here and there. Also in this picture are my Hellboy/BPRD figures - they got rebased too and I'll be tarting up their paintjobs in due course...
I got this GW Skull Temple second-hand on Facebook, stripped off the paint and cleaned it up, then cut out some MDF to base it up on. I added sand and gravel around the sides...
...and then went over it all with a fine brush and some PVA, adding sand to the various cracks and crevices where it would of settled naturally. It's since been spray undercoated grey then given a light coat of black/brown to start. It'll be painted to fit the rest of my fantasy collection (cream-coloured stone with green washes for algae and the like).
I bought this cobra ornament at a car boot sale last year, thinking it might make a nice terrain piece.
I chopped out a MDF base to fit the bottom and added sand and gravel - I also cleaned up some parts of the statue with sandpaper (and removed the eyes before painting). Also shown is a recent conversion - a Dark Eldar Sslyth converted into a fantasy Snakeman - I'm going to use him as a vampire in Mordheim.
Finally, painting-in-progress. It's actually finished now, but I'll give the completed terrain piece a post of it's own!

So this is what I've been upto most recently - I have actually completed a bunch of other bits and pieces too, I just have yet to take some nice pictures of them! Let me know what you think of this stuff so far!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hordes of the Things - Spears

Work is going well on the undead Elf spears in my force - their theme is that once the Elven army defeated the Grand Necromancer and his vile creations, they interred him within an ancient burial mound and set a coterie of the finest Elven spearmen to watch over this tomb. Unfortunately, the dead do not always stay dead - the Grand Necromancer made a pact with the God of Undeath and was able to reach out to one of his former Acolytes, granting him just enough power to resurrect him. The Grand Necromancer's first act upon resurrection was to shrive the souls of the Elf Coterie from their bodies, giving him the strength he required and turning them into his perfect slaves.
The Elf spearmen command. I changed this from the original mini - it had another swordsman, who I swapped for 2 spearmen to blend the command into my spears.
One of the strips of spears - I  have 8 of these.
I'm very happy with how these are turning out - I'll be adding skull transfers to the shields and toning down the green on the bases to match the bat swarms. Comments, questions? 

Friday, 28 February 2014

More HotT Undead...

I've been very busy adding more to my Hordes of the Things Undead recently - this is a bit of an image dump from Instagram...
The Necromancer's Acolyte - a Magician in HotT. The Acolyte is the guy on the rocky spire, whilst there's a brilliant dwarf jester and some death cultists backing him up. These are all Warmaster figures.
Spiders - these are Beasts in HotT. I found these in the art shop in my town, in the jewellery section. The tree stumps are the stalks from some squashes...
Once I made the above, I remembered that I had the small spiders from the Warhammer Arachnarok giant spider kit kicking around somewhere. I decided to add another base and mix them in - so happy with how these turned out, they're now one of my favourite units!
I'm having four behemoths in my army - all skeletal giants. He's the first, with morning star and mace. Mantic legs and the rest is Warhammer Fantasy plastics.
Undead Wight Champion - a Hero in HotT. This figure is a classic Warhammer Familiar. I love the pose! I gave him his faithful undead uni-hound. A one-horned canine. Because I can. The dog is from Mantic.
The second Behemoth - another mix of plastics again and impossible to photograph well - he has a double-handed spiked mace. Oh, and the skellie of a large humanoid for company.
Finally, everything based up (wood filler to level out the bases with the inbuilt tabs, a few rocks here and there and then fine sand applied with watered down PVA) and awaiting spray-undercoat. They've now been done and are in the painting queue! 

More to come shortly!