Saturday, 25 October 2014

Zomtober - Renovations

So, my zombie horde is coming along nicely and I'm down to the last 10 or so figures remaining unpainted - sadly, the bases of my older painted zomb-apoc stuff didn't quite fit with my more modern stuff. As such, I decided to dig them all out and rebase them!
Some of them needed new bases altogether - generally metal zeds and some survivors - I've really started to dislike slotta bases lately, so the Warhammer 40000 bases with no slot are the way forward! I weight them with coins to add a bit more heft too!
I got the previous basing materials removed from these and then my current mix of gravel then sand added.
Undercoated black, base paged scorched brown...
Drybrushed tan and light stone grey...

Ta daaaa! Flock added, excess flock brushed off with a toothbrush, base washed with a muddy/crap mix and the base sides painted black! Huzzah! All that's required now is some gore on a few figures here and there! I may get around to taking a full shot of my horde later today!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Zomtober - workmen, prisoners and a tyrant!

I'm a little late on this update (again!) - these figures were finished a week ago. I decided to go with a theme for some of the zombies I had left to finish (as I've done with the hunters from the last update and the prisoners from Zomtober 2013) and chose to paint a group of 6 of them as construction workers.
These zombies were already assembled and undercoated, so rather than select particular parts and assemble them as construction workers, I pulled out 6 that I thought would work well as workmen. A couple of the zombies I had remaining have the hardhat, so they fit this perfectly, plus I picked out a few that had the jacket on - I thought it'd work well painted as a hi-vis vest. I also found a metal zombie from Studio Miniatures, which I'd swapped the head of.
I also had these Horrorclix figures based up and thought they'd fit the prisoner theme quite nicely, so painted them to fit in with the prisoners from last year. 
Finally, this beast! A Plague Stage 1 from Deadzone - I picked up this guy nice and cheap alongsider a character I wanted from Deadzone (The Survivor) and thought that he'd fit nicely as a sort of Resident Evil-style "End Boss" for my zomb-apoc games. There wasn't much to do with the paint job, so I gladly admit that I went overboard with the gore... Hah!

I'm getting close to the end of my unpainted zombie stuff now! I've been reading the most recent Walking Dead issues and I'm buzzing with ideas for a rival faction of survivors for my players to go up against! I'm off to the Fiasco wargames show on Sunday, where I'll be picking up a set of the Wargames Factory plastic male survivors to come up with some more organised groups of survivors - I currently have sort of "special characters", so some Walking Dead-style "normal survivors" will be good!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Zomtober - A bunch of stinkin' Zeds!

Studio Miniatures plastic zombies - decided to paint these in a mini Dawn of the Dead homage - a bunch of hunters who were having a field day at the start of the zombie apocalypse. It didn't last.
A Horrorclix human/plant hybrid - he'll just be mixed into the rest of the horde as a zombie that spent too long submerged in a swamp... I bought a pot of Citadel Nurgle's Rot that I decided to use on this gentleman, so he's nice and slimy.
More soon!

Delayed Zomtober

Well, it's taken a while (work.), but I'm finally on my feet and attacking the horde!

Here's what I've pulled out of the To-Paint boxes/drawers/piles...

Painted stuff soon!