Thursday, 5 November 2015

Zedvember - The Last Zeds

I managed to finish off the last of my modern zombie figures over Sunday and Monday just gone - here are the results:
A bit of a scenic shot of the completed figures - 4 survivors, 2 special infected and 11 standard zombies.
The last of the zombie horde - these were a pleasure to finish off - I will probably end up adding some others when I get a few different things finished off (sort of like a reward):
  • The Survivors - I have a bunch more to paint, including a bunch of "normal" survivors from the Wargames Factory plastics and a few metal/resin characters
  • Vehicles - I've been buying up toy cars for years from various car boot sales - these need some distressing and suchlike
  • Buildings - I need a bunch of "whole" buildings - at the moment I only have a couple of ruins that are suitable for zombie-apocalypse
  • Scatter terrain and roads - pretty straightforward - the kind of stuff that you could imagine scattered around a town after the outbreak of the apocalypse, plus some zombie bodies to dress the place - I'm thinking about making some sort of press mold so I can duplicate these lots of times
On to the pictures of the zeds:

Quite a delightful model to paint - a Boomer special infected. These are from Left 4 Dead - they vomit on the survivors which attracts the rest of the normal zombies and explode when shot.
A Charger special infected - another great figure to paint! These are a type of infected who have one arm which grows out of control in size, which they use to batter survivors when attacking them, pushing them away from their comrades to isolate and kill them.
Standard zombies - 4 Studio Miniatures plastics and a rebased and repainted Horrorclix figure (originally a vampire, hence the odd face).
3 metal zombies from the ex-Tengu Miniatures figures now being sold by the brilliant CP Models.
Again, 3 more ex-Tengu.
Two survivors from the Wargames Factory The Males kit - I tried to build up these figures as sensible as possible, utilising the ammo pouches, water bottles and giving them a back-up pistol or knife. 

Another two survivors from the same set - this time, a couple of young lads. Again I tried to go for sensible weapon and equipment choices.
One of the kids got a Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt...

I was elated to have got these finished over two days! It's somewhat amazing for me to have got this far into a project! It's not that I abandon projects regularly (or...ever), it just seems to be the wargamers way to have things on a slow-boil whilst working on other things in between!

Thanks for reading and also many thanks to the many lovely comments - they really do help to keep me motivated!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Zomtober (and October!) Round-up

As usual, here's the round-up of my figures completed for Zomtober 2015...and less than usual, a round-up of my figures completed in the full month! I may try and keep this as a monthly post at the start of every new month, showing the figures I've completed the previous month.
My Zomtober 2015 selection! I may be slightly cheating here - there are 6 figures in there that don't specifically fit the description of zombie or survivor, but they're creepy and gore-slathered and I painted them in the month of October, so...

From the figures shown here we have:
  • 3 ex-Tengu Miniatures female zeds - one is a "special infected" of some kind, probably a Smoker
  • 6 Studio Miniatures plastic zeds
  • CP Models Night Horrors - these are two of the same miniature, but I've slightly reposed one of them to add a bit of variety - they're to be used as Lovecraftian creatures
  • Fenris Games Undead - again, two of the same miniature (actually the plastic version from the Cthulhu Wars boardgame and bought very cheaply from eBay) - one has been converted to be an Adherer (conversion idea borrowed from the brilliant Minis by Finch)
  • 4 Deep Ones - another Lovecraftian creature (and my favourite by far!) - Reaper Bones miniatures with slight conversions to give variety
13 miniatures completed that are definitely Zomtober 4 with a tenuous link (as in, they may appear in games with my modern zeds...)

I am satisfied with that! I have had a bunch of holidays in from work this month though, especially in the later part of the month, which is when I got some stuff done! I failed on the "one mini per week" aim, but hopefully made up for it!

But wait, there's more!

Here are the miniatures I completed in total for the month - I rediscovered these ants and maggots, started last year as low level dungeon critters and got them done in a night. I also needed more treasure counters for use in a Frostgrave game on Halloween evening, so got some of the tokens I'd built a few months back painted up.

Oh and I completed a load of unit bases for use in Lion/Dragon Rampant!
I'm now starting to work through this lot - the last of my assembled zombie-apocalypse stuff, plus Lovecraftian creatures! A few of the figures shown here are for post-apocalypse (more Fallout-y) rather than zomb-apoc.

Comments are most welcome - roll on Zomtober 2016! Great work by everyone!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Zomtober 2015 - Three's A Crowd


Very happy to have managed to crank out a few more standard zeds today! Pretty easy going - the zombie painting method I have is good for cranking out members of the horde:

  1. Spray undercoat Army Painter Necrotic Flesh
  2. Wash with Army Painter Strong Tone (I do this as it helps delineate the details, plus the spray is slightly satin and doesn't take paint brilliantly over the top to begin with - this is almost like a matte layer)
  3. At this stage I finished my basing - drybrush tan and then stone grey, add flock using PVA and leave overnight, brushing off the excess flock with an old toothbrush.
  4. Pick out clothing - I normally stick to batches of 3-6 figures or thereabouts, so I use one colour to paint trousers on one, shirt on another, tie on the next. This way, over the numerous groups of similar zeds (especially as I did the Studio Miniatures plastic zombie funding campaign and ended up with 80 plastic zombies) you end up with a decent amount of variation. You can also theme groups as I've done previously - pick suitable clothing options and paint them as workmen or prisoners (see last years Zomtober output).
  5. Pick out hair and similar details. You can do this across the batch.
  6. Another wash of Strong Tone.
  7. Add blood - I've used Tamiya Clear Red with a touch of black acrylic across the horde. This is applied around the mouth, hands, any visible bite marks on the figure.
  8. Paint base side black.


Obviously this is a really basic way of churning out the horde - I spend a lot more time on survivors and special infected (tank zombies etc.).


I've loved taking part in Zomtober 2015 - so much so that I've decided to continue across into November - Zomvember perhaps? I'm enjoying working on zombies and the Lovecraftian creatures, plus they are two projects where I am quite close to having all of my current purchases for them complete! Imagine that!


Thanks for reading and congrats to the other folks that have participated - I'm behind on my blog reading at the moment but hopefully I'll get up to date and get to comment on your work!


Mythos - Deep Ones

I finished up these fishy fellows this evening - a perfect painting task for Mischief Night! These are a Tiik Champion and three Tiik Warriors from the Reaper Bones range.
I chose a colour scheme for them that matched some art I'd seen online - I almost feel that it could have been the basis for the sculpt, or vice versa. The general theme was slimy, fishy, scaly - I created a wash for them using the Nurgle's Rot Citadel Technical paint and Strong Tone Wash so it would retain the slimy finish. I found an image of a salmon eye and tried to follow that on their inhuman eyes. Finally, I mixed up some Strong Tone wash, Nurgle's Rot and gloss varnish to make a muddy/marshy glaze for some of their bases and feet.
This is the piece of art that inspired their scheme - I love that what I assume is Innsmouth is in the background...
Comments most welcome - hoping to get some final zombies completed to round out Zomtober tomorrow!