Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bluebells the Fool

Bluebells the Fool was named for the copper bells festooning his suit of motley, turned blue-green with verdigris over time. He rides a wooden zorse from town to town, where he's often warmly welcomed, with meat and mead his payment for such wonderful performances...
He never stays long though, and it's often found to be the case that one of the townfolk's children has wandered off - some say to follow Bluebells into a life of foolery, whilst others speak of darker acts...

I've always been a fan of this figure from the Warhammer Bretonnian range - I picked it up on eBay nice and cheap a year or so back. There's always been something a bit sinister about jesters for me, and the idea of a travelling fool that never overstays his welcome long enough for his crimes to be discovered... I've been listening to the A Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks whilst painting/modelling lately, and Shagwell the Fool stood out, with the following piece of fan-art sealing my next figure to be painted (and inspiring the paintscheme!). I also painted his hobby horse in the style of a zorse for another link to the Bloody Mummers.

Giant Landcrabs - Fantasy Fauna

Following on from yesterday's post on the Giant Angler Crabs, here are some normal Giant Landcrabs.
Made in the same way as the Anglers - plastic toys, moldlines removed with a fresh scalpel blade and mounted on lipped 50mm bases, sand was then superglued to the shell, claws and legs to add more texture to aid in painting. 
Another scale shot alongside the Viking Champion!
And one alongside some post-apocalyptic scum!

Feel free to leave a comment! Glad to have these finished, they've been half-painted for a while now!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Reaper Bones Frost Giantess

I recently assembled and undercoated this Reaper Bones Frost Giantess - such awesome details! I got this figure to use with Of Gods and Mortals alongside my fledgling Viking force - I love finding ways to use figures across a couple of genres!

Giant Angler Crabs - Fantasy Fauna

I visited Whitby earlier in the year - I always love to look in the souvenir shops to find useful items for gaming. On this excursion I discovered these crabs, which were sold 3 for £1 in a shop that sells shells, fossils and crystals, as well as more touristy stuff. I thought these would be big alongside 28mm miniatures, but would work well in my Fantasy Skirmish setting, or even in Rogue Trader-ish 40k games and the post-apocalypse. 
The crabs were made from a vinyl plastic, similar to the Reaper Bones figures. I trimmed off the moldlines with a sharp scalpel blade and mounted them on 50mm lipped bases, as these were primarily for my Fantasy project. With these particular crabs I decided to add a bit of a fantasy twist, inspired by the fearsome angler fish - I used a bit of wire and some greenstuff to create a lure. I also superglued sand to their shell and legs to add a bit more texture for painting. These angler crabs bury themselves in the mud and silt at the bottom of a rivermouth or in a lake and leave their lure visible for their intended prey. In nature, snapping turtles also use a similar method... 
Here's a shot for scale, alongside the Viking Champion from the other day - quite a fearsome challenge for the average fighter! 
Finally, this is what they looked like to begin with - I've also finished the "normal" giant crabs (another three), so check back tomorrow for more!