Wednesday, 24 July 2019

El Chupacabra - The Goat-Sucker - Dracula's America

I went utterly mad for the Dracula's America range from Northstar Figures and Osprey Games back when the game was announced - I ended up with a bunch of different gangs (or posses as they're called in the game) and I've been working on them over the past year.
 One of my favourite parts of various modern rulesets are "Random Encounters", like those in Frostgrave - Dracula's America also had an interesting Bestiary with various creatures from horror and cryptozoological urban legends, including one of my favourites - the fearsome Chupacabra!
 A relatively modern cryptid, but it very much fits in the time period the game is set in.
 The creature was an easy one to paint once I decided on a scheme I liked - I started with a more alien red and green combination, but decided to go for something more like the descriptions of the creature.
Lots more to come from this range plus more Gothic Horror and Lovecraftian horrors!

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

A Very Short Film Review: Robin Hood (2018)

I began to watch Robin Hood about half an hour ago. I paused it to take some screen shots for my friends and then ended up switching it off a few minutes later. Why?

Shoulder Mounted Bolt Launcher.

I expected this film to be a bit crap, I wanted to really give it a chance as a simple popcorn flick whilst pottering on with various bits and pieces, but what a shitshow! There's also a fixed position Bolt Launcher that is as effective in mowing down a squad of bowmen (which Lord Robin Loxley is somehow a member of - he begins the film as a noble who is drafted into service for the Third Crusade) as a MG 42.

I get that films often have to stretch the boundaries of realism, but this is unwatchable garbage.

Monday, 18 February 2019

*taps recording device* Is this thing on?

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

It's been some time, to say the least! Over three years since my last blog post! Around the time the posts stopped I met a lovely woman, eventually moving in together as of last January! We have a budding little family (two gorgeous felines, a hamster and an African pygmy hedgehog), I'm (sort-of) back at university) and we are a good match for one another.

This is the part where folks tend to say that they drifted away from the hobby, but that's not so! I'm still active with the painting and modelling side of things with lots of different projects on the go - the thing is, I rarely get a game in these days! So, in aid of getting games back up and running, completing some projects and recording my progress, I've decided (at some prompting from my good friends Dave and Lewis!) to get the blog back up and running. I am also in the process of rejigging my miniatures collection, including rebasing certain miniatures, magnetising all of the bases for storage and getting everything to a similar standard!

There's lots of time to talk about that in the coming weeks and months - for now, I mainly wanted to get thing thing back off the ground!

You can check out my stuff at Instagram // deserter86 in the meantime and I'll be back later in the week with a more substantive post!

Cheers for reading,

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Zedvember - The Last Zeds

I managed to finish off the last of my modern zombie figures over Sunday and Monday just gone - here are the results:
A bit of a scenic shot of the completed figures - 4 survivors, 2 special infected and 11 standard zombies.
The last of the zombie horde - these were a pleasure to finish off - I will probably end up adding some others when I get a few different things finished off (sort of like a reward):
  • The Survivors - I have a bunch more to paint, including a bunch of "normal" survivors from the Wargames Factory plastics and a few metal/resin characters
  • Vehicles - I've been buying up toy cars for years from various car boot sales - these need some distressing and suchlike
  • Buildings - I need a bunch of "whole" buildings - at the moment I only have a couple of ruins that are suitable for zombie-apocalypse
  • Scatter terrain and roads - pretty straightforward - the kind of stuff that you could imagine scattered around a town after the outbreak of the apocalypse, plus some zombie bodies to dress the place - I'm thinking about making some sort of press mold so I can duplicate these lots of times
On to the pictures of the zeds:

Quite a delightful model to paint - a Boomer special infected. These are from Left 4 Dead - they vomit on the survivors which attracts the rest of the normal zombies and explode when shot.
A Charger special infected - another great figure to paint! These are a type of infected who have one arm which grows out of control in size, which they use to batter survivors when attacking them, pushing them away from their comrades to isolate and kill them.
Standard zombies - 4 Studio Miniatures plastics and a rebased and repainted Horrorclix figure (originally a vampire, hence the odd face).
3 metal zombies from the ex-Tengu Miniatures figures now being sold by the brilliant CP Models.
Again, 3 more ex-Tengu.
Two survivors from the Wargames Factory The Males kit - I tried to build up these figures as sensible as possible, utilising the ammo pouches, water bottles and giving them a back-up pistol or knife. 

Another two survivors from the same set - this time, a couple of young lads. Again I tried to go for sensible weapon and equipment choices.
One of the kids got a Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt...

I was elated to have got these finished over two days! It's somewhat amazing for me to have got this far into a project! It's not that I abandon projects regularly (or...ever), it just seems to be the wargamers way to have things on a slow-boil whilst working on other things in between!

Thanks for reading and also many thanks to the many lovely comments - they really do help to keep me motivated!