Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Work in Progress - Archenemy Guards

Another work in progress project - a squad of soldiers to guard the kind of dignitaries, clerics and scholars that are dedicated to the Pantheon of Chaos in the books of Dan Abnett.
I've had this particular conversion in mind for a good long while, after gathering together some interesting bits - in particular the Bretonnian Men-at-Arms bodies and Ramshackle Games turbaned gasmask heads. I found those particular parts again recently whilst having a tidy out, when I also rediscovered the Forgeworld Renegade Militia arms - I realised  that they'd all fit together nicely! With a couple of extra bits I'd come up with a squad to use in Inqmunda and other systems - I imagine them guarding some sort of target for the Alpha Legion Kill Team (posted a couple of days back) or searching a shanty town for a Throne Agent.

More on these when I've painted lots more stuff! Comments most welcome. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Work in Progress - Alpha Legion Kill Team

Here's something I recently rediscovered - the start of an Alpha Legion Kill Team:
I thought I'd put up some pictures of a work-in-progress project I'm planning on working soon - a squad of approximately 8 Adeptus Astartes plus a Dreadnought (the Forgeworld Ironclad). The plan is to have each member of the squad to look very similar - in power armour marks, equipment and so on, with various details seeming slightly "off" - with this leader for example, his plasma pistol is non-standard, having been taken from the previously limited edition Inquisitor Gideon Lorr, but overall they will be "clean" enough to operate within the ranks of the Imperial Guard as a squad from a Loyalist Chapter.
The power sword on the leader is taken from an Eldar Figure (probably a Howling Banshee) - again suggesting non-standard (read: non-Imperial) technology origins. 
Here's the first standard member of the squad, armed with a heavily modified bolter and short axe. Arms come from the Chaos Marine kits with extraneous spikes and other details removed. I will be moving these across to 30mm or 32mm bases when I return to work on the squad. I've used liquid greenstuff on the legs of this particular marine.

Looking at these pictures really makes me want to get back to these - perhaps once I get a few of my current projects completed I can return to build the rest of the squad and decide how to arm that Dreadnought!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

#6MMRPC - Dark Age Villagers part 1

I spent most of Friday going through the multitude of images that had accrued in my "items to blog" folder on my computer - I've managed to get a bunch of interesting stuff lined up over the next few weeks! Alongside those sort of "flashback" posts, I'm going to sporadically be posting up the items I've finished in the last few weeks for the 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge! Here's the first!
The first batch of civilians for my Dark Age village project - these are a mix of Black Tree Design and Gripping Beast. Generally the sculpts were nice, although the tools on the Gripping Beast figures seem a little flimsy as separate parts.

More to come soon!

Wildlife - Bears!

More relatively-recently completed stuff!
These bears were recently completed for my Wildlife project - I'm currently working on a bunch of creatures to populate my fantasy and historical worlds. The project covers a range of animals that would work equally well in both genres, with a few other odds and ends that are more firmly set in the fantasy realm. The mother-bear is an old Warhammer figure, whilst the young-bear is from the Reaper Bones Animal Familiars set - both are lovely figures and were a pleasure to paint! Expect foxes, cats, wolves and lots of other critters in the near future!

Thanks for being a reader! Comments are always a pleasure!