Sunday, 1 August 2010

Fantasy: Marauder Horsemen

With the re-release of Warhammer Fantasy, the forum I am a moderator on (The Ammobunker) decided to slightly theme the "Tale of X Gamers" painting challenge to try and spur on a little extra Fantasy painting - in the month of July, any cavalry painted was worth double the team points. This gave me the perfect opportunity to paint these:

I actually bought the box of Marauder Horsemen when the Warriors of Chaos army book was re-released well over a year ago. I already have a large amount of Chaos Fantasy stuff but the main reason I wanted these was for the spare heads! I love the sculpts, the heads have come in really handy for various other projects (for example, my Imperial Guard Stormtroopers converted from Space Marine Scout and Cadian plastics).

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