Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Elsewhere on the painting table...

Time for yet another blog post about unpainted miniatures!

As mentioned in the previous post, I recently discovered East Riding Miniatures - in addition to their (admittedly rather sparse but also rather lovely and cheap) WWWII range, the also-Jim Bowen-sculpted Corporate Wars range, and in particular the lovely Corporate Enforcers.

Again these are lovely and cheap, very nice sculpts and casts and I really like the Blade Runner-esque feel they have. When I found them I had been looking for a few cheap buys to fit in with the Judge Dredd/Mega City-1 project I recently started upon discovery of the new Mongoose Publishing Judge Dredd revamp (and free playtest rules). I've always been a huge fan of 2000AD and Dredd and the rules sparked a mad binge on my 2000AD comic collection as well as making me order some other graphic novels from my local library. These figures will be blitzers, sort of well-trained and equipped corporate or organised crime-affiliated hitmen.

Again, these figures are £1.25 each.

The service from ERM was great, with an order placed on Friday afternoon arriving on Monday morning. Unfortunately, the order had been misread, so I ended up with these three guys in the first package - these are the ERM Slicks from the Corporate Wars range, a nice gang of bespectacled, long coat-wearing, bald-headed juves. I did plan on buying some eventually so it worked out quite nicely - Tony from ERM told me to keep them and sent out the other minis I'd ordered!

This is my first basic objective marker for my 40k Chaos - a little herdstone-esque shrine with various trophys.

Finally, some 20mm WWII Partisans I've based on pennies and primed grey. These are the start of a 20mm project I began several months ago.


  1. I've got a few of those East Riding minis. Pretty nice value and decent sculpts. Nice blog man. I need to add it to me blogroll.

  2. I was rather impressed by the sculpts :) cheers for the kind comments mate!