Sunday, 26 July 2015

Work-in-Progress - SAGA Revenants Warband

When Gripping Beast recently announced the new one-off SAGA Revenant warband I was immediately hooked on the idea! It also just so happened that I'd picked up a huge bag of plastic skeleton parts at a local wargames show earlier in the year and that the bag would just about cover a full 4pt starter on it's own! 
I started off with my usual SAGA basing method - especially where plastics are concerned - 1p coins glued to the top of a Renedra plastic base to add a little weight.
I happened to be going to visit my parents for a couple of nights, so I packed up some tools, some polycement and the bag of skellies, plus all the extra skeleton parts and misc. fantasy shields I could find in my collection. I still need to find another few skeletons to make them up to the full 48 figures needed for the force, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find them.
Starting to take shape, with shields from the most recent Warhammer skeletons, beastmen, marauders and even some arms from the original plastic skeletons.
The bag of bits I got was a mix of the Mk2 Warhammer plastic skeletons and the Mantic plastic skeletons - handily, the original owner had already carved off the built-in shields that come attached to the Mantic skeletons, allowing me to use GW shields of similar designs to tie both the plastic sets together. Note the interesting goblin wicker shields here and
The horde assembled! 
The Necromancer - the original figure is a Warhammer Chaos Sorcerer and the head is from the Putrid Blightkings set and is normally hanging from one of their shoulderpads - it's a head wrapped in sacking and reminded me of the Batman villain, The Scarecrow. I like it, but the folks I have shown him to have expressed doubt. It'll look better once I get him painted...
On the subject of painting, here is how they current stand and have for about 6 weeks now.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome - thank you for reading!


  1. They skellies look pretty cool with the mixture of bits giving them some character. Great necromancer fig as well. Can't wait to see some paint on him.

  2. I'm totally ready to get cracking on my revenants...both the GB boxed set and the ones I've built out of Mantic ghouls...all told I've got over 100 to do............