Monday, 27 July 2015

#6MMRPC - Batman Miniatures Game - Bane

This is the first in a number of posts regarding the wonderful figures from Knight Models...
The first Batman Miniatures Game figure I purchased, approximately 2 years ago - Bane, as portrayed by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises. I loved the treatment of the character in the film and the miniature captured him perfectly. I had originally only planned on getting him from the range, but a friend offered me the Black Mask starter crew at a very reasonable price and I was unable to resist. I then added a bunch of other figures to them...
I followed the costume in the film as much as possible, finding some great reference pictures (stills from the movie and also pictures of the various 1/6 scale action figures) and mixing paints to match them. One thing I would say about my experience with the Knight Models figures so far - the casting leaves something to be desired, especially for figures which are on the premium side of the price scale. The hands, for example, were fairly miscast. With regards to the bases, I wanted to go for a sort of scrubland feel across the collection, so they'd fit my terrain collection nicely. I also added some detritus to some of the bases - more on that in a post in the future.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome - thank you for reading!


  1. Love it - right out of the film.

  2. Very nice work. Kudos. :)

    I have also had a number of casting issues with their stuff; QC is not a strong point of theirs IMHO.

  3. Lovely paint work. It's quite irritating when the quality leaves much to be desired when you're paying that bloody much for a single figure :-(

  4. Awesome job dude! I really like this version of Bane.