Friday, 24 July 2015

#6MMRPC - Dark Ages/Fantasy RPG - Townsfolk Characters

These are a selection of characters which a bit different to the rest of the dark age villagers - they're a mix of the brilliant Reaper Bones range and some misc. metals.
From left to right - a blacksmith, a tavern wench, a lady of the night, an innkeeper and finally, a squire (although I may use him as a travelling pedaller). These are all from the Reaper Bones range - they're more to be used in Fantasy Skirmish/RPG games where suited.
A farmer - possibly Grenadier? I'm not sure - he was part of an eBay lot of mixed figures.
An executioner - I've been informed that he's actually from the Foundry Miniatures pirate range. I picked him up from Midlam Miniatures.

The last metal figure in the group is a Maid Marion-esque figure from the Edric the Wild pack from Foundry - I wanted her to stand out in a bright white dress, but I seem unable to take pictures of the figure - all of the pictures come out with just a plain white dress, leeching away the shading and highlights.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome - thank you for reading!