Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dark Eldar - Master Haemonculus Urien Rakarth

I had a tidy out of my wargames bits/unbuilt figures collection a few months back and stumbled across a box of mixed items that hadn't been explored since I moved from my last place to my current house - basically the last bunch of figures I painted whilst I lived there - I don't think that any of them ever made it on to the blog.
Sadly, one of them had suffered quite a painful-looking accident whilst in long-term storage.
I don't think that Finecast can really be blamed here after being in a foam-filled cardboard box for just shy of 3 years! 
Well, it was time that the little Dark Eldar force I've collected got rebased anyway - they all had the old yellow flock that I used to have on all of my bases. I had to break the join between Urien and the blood worms he travels along on, then re-pin him to them. I then covered up the join with green stuff. Whilst on with that I also transferred him to a much more suitable 30mm base, befitting an ancient and twisted pain-surgeon of the Dark Kin!
Here he is finished! Suitably blood- and gore-splattered and looking very pleased to have located his next treat! Coming up soon are the rest of the painted Dark Eldar I have, which have now also had their bases upgraded to match this. I also have a squad of metal Harlequins, the last half of a Kaballite squad and finally some Hellions to complete.

Let me know what you think of him in the comments section below!


  1. I'm with Michael here. He looks great to the effect that he's a bit terrifying to look upon!

  2. Looks awesome! The new base looks sweet too!

  3. I like this model. Like Gregg says, he has a very scary look to him.

    Trying to figure out if a gloss coat on the gory bloody stuff would look better?

  4. The strong light really washes out the colours in the photo (unless you've highlighted the top of his head up towards white).

    I really like the fluid levels in the syringe and autoinjectors. Nice attention to detail making them level with the ground, despite being on an angle. That's the type of thing I'm likely to totally miss during painting.