Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Terrain - Wargaming Mat

This was shown in an earlier post, but I figured it deserved a few more words.
With the need for new terrain came the need for a new mat - something a little bit healthier than my two Post-Apocalyptic playing areas. I found the wonderful tutorial at Tobi's Paint Pot and knew that it'd be perfect for my new gaming table! I gathered together the various materials as needed above.
I then followed the instructions, nailed my canvas to the wargames board so it wouldn't shrink when drying overnight, created the sludgy mix of paint, sand and acrylic paste and got to work! I created a road on it, for the perfect ambush setting, but in hindsight I think I may go back and re-do it as grass, which might be a bit more playable.
Finally, here's the table the next day once I'd had a chance to remove (and store away for the next project) the excess flock and trim the edges with a sharp pair of scissors. I like texture/variation that the various different types of flock (standard oldschool sawdust flock, static flock and even some oregano I happened to have an industrial amount of) has given it - I'd definitely use this method again! I'm wondering whether I could use the leftover material to make roads or paths.

Thanks for reading! Check out the link if it sounds of interest to you!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Greg! I'm happy with it, although I regret the road! I may go over that with flock at some point...

  2. No road means more usable in different scenarios.

    Nicely done Chris.