Friday, 10 July 2015

Terrain - Renedra Wattle Fences

As part of the new terrain projects I decided that I needed some boundaries - he's the start of that with some wattle fencing.  
I did look into potentially making my own with cocktail sticks and some kind of wire, but given the amount of time that would have taken I opted to go for the Renedra plastic Wattle Fences set. The set arrives on sprue and takes a little bit of time to clean up with a sharp scalpel - it was the upright sticks in particular the were a little bit time consuming. Each fence length has the little base shown above, but I wanted to add something for a bit more stability.
The answer came in the form of tongue depressors - a pack of 100 was less than £2 including delivery from eBay. They're a bit flimsy, so I had to cut them down to shape with nail clippers. I have lots left over and they should be perfect for when I come to make some small stone walls or some barricades.
I cheated on the basecoating and used this Army Issue Spray Paint (Grey Brown) which I found half price in Boyes (a department store chain in the North of England - I get most of my paints here too, as they stock a decent range of Vallejo stuff plus some Games Workshop paints and figures).
Finally, here they are set up with some of my other recent terrain. 

Comments, suggestions, questions? All are welcome and thanks for reading!


  1. I like those, will have to have a go myself. Tongue depressors you say?

  2. Tongue depresors/Popsicle sticks they are all great for stuff like this. Mine are waiting for me to get back to them and get some grey-brown type colour slapped on and basing.

    Very nice sir.

  3. Wow. This may have just solved a basing conundrum for me. And to think I have tongue depressors galore for painting my figures on already. Fool! The answer was before me!

  4. Very nice. They look great. Basing them adds so much more to there appearance.