Friday, 24 July 2015

#6MMRPC - Dark Ages - The Clergy

I needed some clergymen for various SAGA/dark ages scenarios - I picked up a blister of Gripping Beast monks and a blister of Foundry Anglo-Saxon characters which contained a Friar Tuck-esque fellow whilst at the Vapnartak wargames show in York back in February and then the scribe from the CP Models.
This is the monk from the Edric the Wild blister - a real chunky figure (that's a 30mm base) and holding a ham shank! He's apparently inspired by Friar Tuck.

The CP Models scribe - quite a slight figure, but I don't mind a bit of difference in the height or build of figures. CP Models have since added two new dark age monks to their shop, which I will eventually add to these to round out the collection.
The Gripping Beast monks blister - sculpted to be walking in the classic religious procession I think! Some of the casts on these weren't too great, but they'll do!

Comments and suggestions are most welcome - thank you for reading!


  1. Phenomenal output this last little while Chris! I don't know/remember if you have buildings, but you should set up a group photo of your non combatants at some point. These are very characterful models, and I think the muted colour scheme really works for austere 'brothers'. It also makes the grass look super green!

  2. Dude your unstoppable!! Look great sir!

  3. How are you achieving the weathered affect on these figures? They are all very nice indeed.

  4. Am I the only one thinking Monty Python looking at these?

  5. These look great man! Now you just need monks with weapons for a church raid scenario!