Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Villains

I decided to finally sort out the lightbox that I purchased last year, now that I've created enough space in my nerd room for a semi-permanent set-up...
I don't think I've ever posted the Jesters (in purple and green) on the blog - they're Future War miniatures from em4 and I picked them up after being inspired by the video game Gotham City Imposters, which featured two gangs of knock-off Batman and Jokers going head to head, and also the Jokerz from the brilliant Batman Beyond animated show. I figure that they'd work as henchmen for a bunch of different villains in my long-planned superhero vs supervillain games. Here they are with Red Death, the anti-hero turned supervillain and Mime, the silent contortionist freak, alongside a vehicle I modified for the Jesters gang.

Comments and suggestions and general praise is most welcome! Thanks for reading!


  1. Hah, and here I was a few days back lamenting that you hadn't posted in a while! Stunning post these last days mate, jokers, antipope and all. Rather jealous you got to go to Lindisfarne too, must have been a blast.

  2. How perfect do they look in jokers colours! Awesome work dude! Where is Red Death from?

  3. Great stuff. Love the Jesters and the Red Death. Very cool. :)

    The car looks fantastic, reminding me of a cross between the Batmobile and the Deathmobile form Animal House. Excellent work. :)