Sunday, 28 June 2015

Wildlife - Bears!

More relatively-recently completed stuff!
These bears were recently completed for my Wildlife project - I'm currently working on a bunch of creatures to populate my fantasy and historical worlds. The project covers a range of animals that would work equally well in both genres, with a few other odds and ends that are more firmly set in the fantasy realm. The mother-bear is an old Warhammer figure, whilst the young-bear is from the Reaper Bones Animal Familiars set - both are lovely figures and were a pleasure to paint! Expect foxes, cats, wolves and lots of other critters in the near future!

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  1. Very nicely done they look great. I've been looking for creatures lately will have to check these out.

  2. Mostly for eye candy on the table, or do you think you'll have animals rampaging against the players?

  3. Always a fan of animal minis being used in rpg's. I've fought many a bear as a 1st level character!

    Beautifully painted sir.