Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Anti-Pope, Advocate of Lucifer

I'm always painting, but I tend to get backlogged when it comes to updating this blog - I'm going to start and go through the multitude of projects I've finished since the start of the year and show the finished figures to my lovely readers! Here's the first - the Anti-Pope:
This is a figure that I painted around 5 years ago - the original figure was purchased from a gentleman on the Post Apoc Wargames forum and is a Spinespur Anti-Pope, which was then stripped and repainted - I've yet to actually use him in a game but it's a pretty interesting figure - my plan is for him to be leading a cult in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, although he could quite easily fit in with a bunch of different genres. Note that all of the crosses are upside down - he's basically a Satanic version of the Pope. I recently rebased him and took the opportunity to do a few fixes on the paintjob - especially my number one overused paint effect - verdigris!

I hope you enjoy the figure - comments and advice are most welcome!


  1. Very nicely done. What a superb mini as well.

  2. Nice. I like it. Not many figures like that around.


  3. Lovely work on this Spinespur mini. Kudos. :)

  4. Cracking sculpt and a very nice paint job - the red is very subtle indeed.