Friday, 26 June 2015

Accessories for Wargaming - Dark Age Leather Pouches

I recently went to a Dark Age/Viking re-enactment at Whitby Abbey - the second one that I've been to for that time period (the first being on Lindisfarne last summer). The first event I attended was what sparked my interest in SAGA and historical gaming, so I jumped at the chance to attend another.
At Lindisfarne there were a number of stalls selling various reproduction goods - I did particularly like the look of some of the leather pouches as smaller dice bags or pouches for counters for the various games that I play - I regretted not buying one when I had the chance, so I jumped at the chance when I saw the same leather stall at Whitby and purchased the above pouch, specifically to hold my Viking SAGA dice.
Here's the pouch loosened, containing my first set of Viking dice (and a little Viking coin I also picked up from the event).
I also purchased another pouch from an archery stand - I definitely prefer the other one though.
For anyone who is a wargames and history fan, if you get the chance to go to an event like this, go! They've been very good - it's great to see the costumes up close and you also get some great inspiration when it comes to the historical locations the events tend to be held at - check out this part of the ruins of Whitby Abbey. Perfect inspiration for the ruins I'm going to build for Frostgrave!
Whitby Abbey

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