Tuesday, 23 June 2015

#6MMRPC - Month One So Far...

When the start of the Challenge was recently coming up, I'd decided (and discussed with a few friends) that I would be ceasing assembly of miniatures from the Lead Mountain until I'd managed to finish off a hundred or so of the items I already had assembled and undercoated. Unfortunately, this plan failed - here's what I recently got put together/cleaned up...
This basically started as me taking a few sprues of Gripping Beast plastic Saxons and Dark Age Warriors home with me to my parents house to have something to assemble on the couple of evenings I stayed over theirs and just continued when I got back to my house...

In the end I've assembled:
16 Saxon Warriors
24 Dark Age Warriors (half assembled with close combat weapons, half with slings, but all every figure has a pouch for missiles plus a sling or axe/sword at their waist, depending on what they're armed with, so I could use them all as slingers if needed)
Around 7 different Saxon leaders or Champions - I needed more for Dux Britanniarum or if one Warlord dies in a SAGA campaign and I want to replace them
A large pack of Chaos Hounds - these have been on the to-do list for a while. Some had been previously built and painted as part of my old Warhammer Chaos army, but for skirmish gaming I decided that I wanted them on the lipped bases. Whilst rebasing them I decided that I'd just repaint them all
Misc. fantasy RPG characters
Bats - these are from Avatars of War, I drilled holes into them and mounted them on flying bases
Knights/Troll/Apothecary - these have been waiting in my assembly queue for a while - I thought they'd be useful for Frostgrave
Fantasy Celt warband - a mix of human troops from the wargame Celtos armed with slinger poles, some oldhammer barbarians and a Tharn Ravager as heavy support - I decided that these would work well together with the fen beast/shambling mound/re-purposed Heroclix man-thing/Truthsayer that I have in the painting queue as a swamp/wildlife-themed warband
Lord of the Rings Elf Warband - another potential warband for fantasy skirmish games.

Whilst this lot took me a good while to sort out, I did have some painting success once these had been assembled and based:
More on these and the other completed items another time...


  1. Nice work man, now if we could just hear from you more often....................haha!!!!

  2. Assembly and priming is totally tempted way to 'get things done'. I too ahve lots and lots of stuff 'ready to go'. Good luck thinning the paintless horde.

    1. Yeah :) it's not so bad when I'm working on putting together one or two figures, it's marathoning 100 figures at once! Thanks man :)

  3. Its a good way to chill if your not in the mood for painting and it still progress Right?

    1. You're right! Better than getting nothing done :)

  4. Loads of cool stuff in the works, bravo.

    Those painted minis look good too.