Saturday, 16 May 2015


So, here's what I want to get finished over the next challenge:
  1. SAGA - 4pt Viking force - probably the easiest task I have at the moment - I currently have 2pts of Warriors complete, with another 1pt Warriors, 1pt Hearthguard (Berserkers) and Warlord (the SAGA figure Jarl Sigvaldi, although he'll be a character of my own design).
    Notes: I actually have at least 2 Viking forces planned, based on the amount of miniatures I have for this faction (I recently got a load of Foundry Viking reinforcements and I'm currently the proud owner of around 15 Berserkers!)
  2. Misc. - The Townsfolk - around 35 villagers from various ranges - Gripping Beast, Black Tree Designs, Reaper Bones etc. - the population of a Dark Age town (meant to be generally multi-use - I'd be happy to use them for Medieval townspeople or the villagers in Fantasy games (there are even a few figures in this project that are specifically fantasy-related)). I've recently made headway with these, with around 20 painted and awaiting proper basing. The others should be easy to work through.
  3. Misc. - Livestock/Wildlife - a fun project currently in the works to fit with the town and for wilderness encounters - pigs, chickens, donkeys, wolves, dogs, bears, foxes, cats and more! This one is about 30% complete at the moment. Another fairly easy project to complete.
  4. SAGA - 4pt Saxon force - currently 2pts of Hearthguard complete, with another 3pts of Warriors and 1pt of Levy planned. 
  5. Lion Rampant (Game of Thrones) - Wildlings - this project is a recent upgrade from a warband of around 14 Wildlings up to a planned force of around 50. This mainly uses the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings range with various conversions.
  6. Lion Rampant (Game of Thrones) - Nightswatch and Northern Allies - as above, focussing on conversions of Lord of the Rings figures.
  7. Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - East-Meg 1 Judge Strikeforce - this is a starter box from Mongoose Publishing/Warlord Games, consisting of 6 Judges, a small spybot and a large robot. I may add to this faction when the time comes.
  8. Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - The Angel Family - another starter box of 5 miniatures.
  9. Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - CitiDef Squad 1 - a series of conversions of various Copplestone Castings Future Wars figures into a Block Defence Militia themed to a certain City Block.
  10. Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - CitiDef Squad 2 - as above, but for another City Block - the idea being that one would ally with the East-Meg 1 invaders whils the other would remain loyal to the Justice Department.
  11. Post-Apoc - this project will tie into the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game and consists of updating the basing and some detailing on a number of already completed squads/gangs of miniatures as well as completing a number of extras to round out these forces. Approximately 50 figures to rebase and 25 figures to paint from scratch.
  12. Lovecraftian Horror Project - this will be similar in style/theme to the game "Strange Aeons" - a Government Agency tasked with hunting down summoned Elder creatures, stopping Cultists and the like. The Agency will be similar in scope to the BPRD from the Hellboy series - standard FBI-alike Agents plus more specialised "Consultants" - occult specialists, pulp heroes, local hunters etc. and the opposing forces will be cultists, Deep Ones, shoggoths and the like from various ranges. This is a brand new project for 2015 and will have a low-figure requirement.
  13. Song of Blades and Heroes - TBD

This is a bit of a placeholder at the moment - these projects will get their own pages as part of the blog to show what's done and what is left to complete!


  1. Wow, that's a LOT of stuff to be getting on with. But damn, those projects sound fun and will be great to see all fully painted! Good luck!

  2. I'll just 2nd what Dai said. But then again, you know what's in my queue too lol.

  3. Crumbs.

    I'm excited to see your Saxon SAGA stuff, I must say...

    Good luck!