Monday, 16 February 2015

Recent Assembly...

I went a little mad on figure clean-up/assembly recently - here's a group shot of what I based up:
High Elves from the flashbacks in Fellowship of the Ring (plus Haldir!), a Formorian-turned-Goblin leader, a cowering Empire soldier, some metal Mordor Orcs who have been slightly converted to be added to my Game of Thrones Wildlings, the Moon Duke (at the back), an Oldhammer Manticore, Theoden and Gamling of Rohan, an ancient Citadel Gandalf and finally, an ancient Citadel Norse (to be used as a lower-level hero for my Vikings in skirmish games).
The Formorian started out like this, in a box of free Orcs and Gobbos from my mate...this was my favourite item in there and I had the perfect use for him...
I stripped the previous paintjob and cleaned up the moldlines, lopped off the halberd past his hand, found a donor staff from a Goblin shaman. I found him a suitable base (40mm in this case!) and cut a hole in it so the integral base would sit lower - easier than sanding it down or removing it. I added a spare GW rat and spiked skull to the base and I'll be adding sand and doing some slight gapfilling - he'll lead my Goblins from The Hobbit (I bought these to use as troglodyte mutants of some kind - he'll be the perfect leader for them!).
The Moon Duke - I love this miniature! The axe head was missing so I found a suitably classic-looking replacement from the original plastic multi-part Space Ork set. 
Finally, a closer shot of the Manticore - a lovely old Warhammer sculpt. He's small by modern standards, but the pose is suberb and he's got a lot of character - something the modern plastics seem to lack. The figure was an eBay purchase in a job lot a while back - I had to find a replacement tail and chose a plastic spike-ended tail/tentacle from the Chaos Spawn kit - I still need to finish up the join between the main body and tail. When I'm painting him the tail will get a sort of dripping-poison effect...

Comments most welcome - hopefully there'll be painted pictures sooner rather than later! I've spent most of today tidying through my boxes of unpainted/part-assembled figures/bits/sprues to get it into some semblance of order and it's still going to take a few more hours tomorrow!


  1. Moon Duke is still the best

  2. Moon Duke was one of my first GW painted minis when I first got into this lark.

    Love the Formorian! The change to his halberd is very nicely done.