Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fantasy Skirmish - The Hierophant

Another recently finished figure, although, it was only a little bit here and there that needed completing - this character is the Hierophant of the metal GW flagellants I finished a while back. I realised that I needed a leader for them and discovered this wizard from the Reaper Bones range, which with a bit of converting would be perfect! His robes, the chains and the wild beard fit brilliantly alongside the other figures. He's also a bit bigger (see below) and there's also the cost to take into account - I bloody love the Bones range!
The original figure came with a bone-encrusted scythe, which looked a bit too evil. I replaced the head of the scythe with a mace taken from the GW plastic flagellants. I also trimmed the edges of the scroll he is holding up, as it was also in the shape of a bone. The hooded cape is another way that he's differentiated from the rest of his supplicants.
Here he is alongside one of his wild-eyed followers - I used a larger base for him in order to better encompass the robes.

Comments are most welcome as usual! Hopefully it won't be long until these gents are purging a graveyard or accursed temple!


  1. Great job dude! Nice conversions too.

  2. Yeah, really well executed conversion and paint job. The Bones range is great for stuff like this.

  3. O wow, LOVE the conversion. Makes him a menacing giant of a fanatic!

    Good work sir.

  4. I very much like this fig. You've done a fine job painting him up as a fanatic leader.