Saturday, 16 May 2015

AAR - Triples Wargames Show, Sheffield

I journeyed down from Darlington to Sheffield today, to attend Triples, a wargaming show that takes place each year in Sheffield. Triples is a weekend event so you can still catch it tomorrow if you're in the local area. It was my first time at the event, so I can't compare it to previous year's events, but it was a great show and fared well in comparison to the ones I've attended in York (Vapnartak, February 2014 and 2015) and in Leeds (Fiasco, November 2014). The event was held at the English Institute of Sport and was well lit (perfect for raking around in rummage bins! My favourite wargames show exercise!), very clean and just the right temperature! I'd very much recommend it and hope to go again next year.

Here's my loot from today:
  • Wargames Foundry Ulfhednars - these are to join my ever-growing Viking Berserker force

  • Copplestone Casting Gangsters - these will be used as US Government Agents in a 1930s Lovecraftian project that I've been collecting miniatures for since around January this year.
  • Al Mukhtar of the Desert Dogs - the not-Lawrence of Arabia Dogs of War character from Warhammer - no specific use for him but I liked the figure!
  • Wood Elf Warhawk Mage - no specific use, but I liked the various parts, he may end up having an operation...
  • Cats and Foxes - again, no specific use, I just liked the figures. I guess the cats will languish around my eventual Dark Age town.
  • Gollum - a really cheap miniature and I've always liked this one with the integral scenic base. I stripped the dodgy black undercoat from him tonight.
  • Oldhammer Troll Slayer - again, liked the model!
  • Battle-ready Eowyn - sensibly armoured female miniatures are always good! She may come in handy in my Game of Thrones project - perhaps as someone from Bear Island?
  • Random Berserker - nicely sculpted figure, another one for the Berserker force. Not sure on the manufacturer.
  • Random Warhammer Empire figures - one has a satchel and is brandishing a sword - he looks like he's running at some pace, so I'll be using him as an NPC/objective marker in game as a messenger that needs to be stopped/rescued and the guy in the fancier outfit with telescope will be involved in a pirate/nautical fantasy RPG my friend is planning.
  • Oldhammer Knight - I can't quite remember the name of this guy, but I did a little jump for joy when I found him in a £1 rummage box! I'd watched the same figure for a good while on eBay but left it due to the price. He's miiiine! He might be a character in an RPG or even a hired sword for the upcoming Frostgrave ruleset.
  • Oldhammer Dwarf Thief - again, potential PC - I just liked the skulking pose, the crossbow, the patched cloak and his characterful face! He's absolutely tiny though, practically Oldhammer Halfling-sized!
  • Witch - I can't remember the shop these were from - the same as the Cats and Foxes and they had quite a large selection of different witches including some on broomsticks! I just liked this figure - she'll probably fit with my townsfolk!
  • Some random sci-fi/near-future thug - another "I just liked the figure" purchase - I thought he'd fit in with my Judge Dredd Miniatures Game stuff!
I didn't take many photos of the games on display but here are a select few pictures of my favourites:
I believe that this is an official Crooked Dice display - really great stuff! My friends were taken with the streams in particular!

This is a display game that I've seen pop up online a good few times - a fantastic effort - lovely modelling, painting and the guys hosting the game were even wearing post-apoc costumes!

This pirate game was my favourite of the day - I have pirate-related plans on the go (if only I could find the time!) and this was a wonderful bit of inspiration!
Thanks for reading! If you went, let me know below! Let me know what you purchased at the show!

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