Thursday, 29 January 2015

Games Mat and completed Terrain

Huzzah! Terrain collection and games mat for historical gaming and perhaps more traditional fantasy all put together! I'm deliriously happy with this - everything here is brand new for January. The canvas gaming mat follows a great guide at Tobi's Paint Pot.

Things left to add:
- buildings - a number of Dark Ages houses and a pig sty to begin with - my plan eventually is to have enough buildings to play Song of Shadows and Dust but set in a Dark Age town
- more trees! I have another 5 bases of trees to complete at some point
- hills - I have the bases and foam, just awaiting the bark chips
- fences and walls

Phew! I also have around 25 Dark Ages villagers plus livestock assembled and undercoated to populate the settlement I plan to build and I want to put together some carts for the Vikings or Wildlings to ambush! Many plans! 

Here is my current SAGA Viking force making a shield wall on the new games mat and terrain.


  1. Looks like a great setup for some Saga. It's nice to get to use a reduced table size for gaming.
    For some reason the font on your blog is a dim grey.....poor contrast against the background.
    Perhaps it's just me?

  2. That is an amazing set up, you must be seriously proud of that!

    And yeah I agree with daveb - i had to highlight your whole post to read it.

  3. Excellent setup dude! Time to spill some blood on it.