Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wildling Raiders

Another of my projects started a while back, using figures I already have - Game of Thrones battles between Wildling Raiders and Rangers of the Nights Watch. Here are the completed raiders, using some of Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings Morannon Orcs and a few bowmen from the Mordor Orcs, converted here and there where weapons or heads were a bit too Orcish with extras from the Gripping Beast Vikings and Dark Age Warriors
The Wildlings were painted as though they were wearing leather armour or various skins, with very limited metal (it being precious north of the wall). A few have captured axes or spears, the rest have Free Folk-wrought weaponry.
Opposing these raiders will be a band of Rangers from the Nights Watch, which are slightly converted Rangers of Gondor, picked up very cheap from eBay a while back.

Comments most welcome as usual!