Thursday, 22 May 2014

It's been a while...

So, here's what I've been working on lately - all the pictures are from Instagram (link in the sidebar!) where I usually update daily (it's a lot easier to upload pictures and comment on them through my iPhone)...

Most of my Fantasy stuff is now based on the round Warmachine-style lipped bases - I hated the look of square-based minis fighting round-based minis, so I decided to go back and rebase my Mordheim mercenary warband!
I'm also a bit obsessed with weighting my bases - I've done it for years with the hollow-bottomed 40K bases, but I decided to start and do it with this sort too - I clip out the slottas, clean them up with a Dremel and add a 2p coin to the base. Adds stability and heft, especially good when it's a plastic mini!
This is where I'm currently upto - new bases, sand and gravel added, painted, static flock! I took the opportunity to make some slight changes here and there and I'll be going back over the figures to finish off the paintjobs (they were paintied about 6 years ago and could do with some highlights here and there. Also in this picture are my Hellboy/BPRD figures - they got rebased too and I'll be tarting up their paintjobs in due course...
I got this GW Skull Temple second-hand on Facebook, stripped off the paint and cleaned it up, then cut out some MDF to base it up on. I added sand and gravel around the sides...
...and then went over it all with a fine brush and some PVA, adding sand to the various cracks and crevices where it would of settled naturally. It's since been spray undercoated grey then given a light coat of black/brown to start. It'll be painted to fit the rest of my fantasy collection (cream-coloured stone with green washes for algae and the like).
I bought this cobra ornament at a car boot sale last year, thinking it might make a nice terrain piece.
I chopped out a MDF base to fit the bottom and added sand and gravel - I also cleaned up some parts of the statue with sandpaper (and removed the eyes before painting). Also shown is a recent conversion - a Dark Eldar Sslyth converted into a fantasy Snakeman - I'm going to use him as a vampire in Mordheim.
Finally, painting-in-progress. It's actually finished now, but I'll give the completed terrain piece a post of it's own!

So this is what I've been upto most recently - I have actually completed a bunch of other bits and pieces too, I just have yet to take some nice pictures of them! Let me know what you think of this stuff so far!

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