Friday, 23 May 2014

Sacrificial Virgin...maybes.

As part of my Mordheim collection I also re-based this figure from Ramshackle Games - it's a free figure that they offer as part of an order that I thought would make a great objective marker for a scenario. I'd originally based it up on a 25mm square base, but decided to clip that off and glue it to a round MDF base I picked up at a wargames convention. I added the sand and gravel as usual, undercoated it black, repainted it in my normal basing colours and added flock and tufts. I gave the figure a black/brown "muck wash" and added rust to the banding and padlocks, but other than that this was painted around 6 years ago alongside the rest of the warband!


  1. Lovely job! I was just looking at Ramshackle games and wondering what the sculpts would be like, but this looks pretty good.

  2. Definitely a cool objective marker for skirmish games