Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hordes of the Things - Spears

Work is going well on the undead Elf spears in my force - their theme is that once the Elven army defeated the Grand Necromancer and his vile creations, they interred him within an ancient burial mound and set a coterie of the finest Elven spearmen to watch over this tomb. Unfortunately, the dead do not always stay dead - the Grand Necromancer made a pact with the God of Undeath and was able to reach out to one of his former Acolytes, granting him just enough power to resurrect him. The Grand Necromancer's first act upon resurrection was to shrive the souls of the Elf Coterie from their bodies, giving him the strength he required and turning them into his perfect slaves.
The Elf spearmen command. I changed this from the original mini - it had another swordsman, who I swapped for 2 spearmen to blend the command into my spears.
One of the strips of spears - I  have 8 of these.
I'm very happy with how these are turning out - I'll be adding skull transfers to the shields and toning down the green on the bases to match the bat swarms. Comments, questions? 

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