Friday, 28 February 2014

More HotT Undead...

I've been very busy adding more to my Hordes of the Things Undead recently - this is a bit of an image dump from Instagram...
The Necromancer's Acolyte - a Magician in HotT. The Acolyte is the guy on the rocky spire, whilst there's a brilliant dwarf jester and some death cultists backing him up. These are all Warmaster figures.
Spiders - these are Beasts in HotT. I found these in the art shop in my town, in the jewellery section. The tree stumps are the stalks from some squashes...
Once I made the above, I remembered that I had the small spiders from the Warhammer Arachnarok giant spider kit kicking around somewhere. I decided to add another base and mix them in - so happy with how these turned out, they're now one of my favourite units!
I'm having four behemoths in my army - all skeletal giants. He's the first, with morning star and mace. Mantic legs and the rest is Warhammer Fantasy plastics.
Undead Wight Champion - a Hero in HotT. This figure is a classic Warhammer Familiar. I love the pose! I gave him his faithful undead uni-hound. A one-horned canine. Because I can. The dog is from Mantic.
The second Behemoth - another mix of plastics again and impossible to photograph well - he has a double-handed spiked mace. Oh, and the skellie of a large humanoid for company.
Finally, everything based up (wood filler to level out the bases with the inbuilt tabs, a few rocks here and there and then fine sand applied with watered down PVA) and awaiting spray-undercoat. They've now been done and are in the painting queue! 

More to come shortly!

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  1. some amazing pics. I love the use of the squash stalk for a tree trunk!