Thursday, 27 February 2014

Quick Project: Dice Rolling Tray

One of my gaming friends happens to have a habit of flinging dice off the table/into miniatures in his clumsiness - I saw that spacejacker, over on Instagram (check out his feed, which is a constant source of inspiration! He also has a brilliant blog too), uses a dice rolling tray. What a great idea! I went to eBay, where I found that I was looking at about £30 for a nice one, and decided to make my own...

This was incredibly simple - it's a cheap wooden box (my parents sell various boxes and they seem to accumulate this particular type as spares - it's bare wood, with a strip of detailing going around) that I took the lid off. I used the lid for this one as it didn't need to be too deep - I cleaned it up by removing the "detailing strip" with a scraper, filled in the holes from the hinges and clasp and gave it a sand with fine sandpaper. I then gave it a few coats of the grey emulsion (leftover from painting a bench), which I then sealed with some clear coat spray varnish. The most expensive part of the project was actually the felt, to line the tray - this was measured and then cut to shape. I used a thin coat of PVA applied with a brush to hold it down.
I also "borrowed" a box from my parents to hold my dice collection - I decided to use the leftover felt to line that too! Really simple task but very effective. 


  1. Superb idea. Thanks for the tip

  2. Very nice. I'm planning on doing the same at some point, been eyeing up some wooden craft boxes, was possibly going to keep the lid attached for travel.

    Right now I'm still using a couple I made from cardboard mail order boxes from Games-workshop.

    We have several members of our gaming group that have many problems with their dice rolling, a couple because of dyspraxia, others with a strangely excess amount of clumsiness :)