Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hordes of the Things - Giant Bat Swarms

I finished these bat swarms at the weekend - my first painted 10mm figures! These are obviously "Flyers" in my Hordes of the Things Undead.
The basing is inspired by the lovely retro figures being painted over at Kings Minis and the force in general is inspired by the amazing work of Gardens of Hecate, which is one of the most wonderful blogs I've read in a good while! Check it out - lovely, creepy, disturbing figures! I'll be adding the white dots to the toadstools eventually...


  1. Those look fantastic. Great job. The mushrooms add a kind of creepy element but its a creepy in a good way.

    Have you heard of its an upcoming kickstarter with some great miniatures.

  2. those look great - the mushrooms need some white dots!