Friday, 7 February 2014


Based up and cleaned of flash - this was my first use of cork for the base - I'm converted!
Out of the Nolan Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises is definitely my favourite. I think that may be down to Bane - such a good portrayal of the character! I had wondered just how they'd do it in the more-realistic (compared to the source material, anyway) Nolanverse and the League of Shadows connection worked well!
Spray-undercoated grey, then a thinned basecoat of a grey/brown mix. Base was painted black and then dark brown.
I bought this Knight Miniatures licensed miniature out of my Christmas money - I'd wanted it for a while (along with misc. other characters from the range, especially the Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller-style Batman) but always skipped it due to the cost - a whopping great £14! It's a good while since I've spent anything like that on a single miniature (when this would get me around 8 lovely miniatures from em4). In this case, the single miniature is a pretty big one - that's a 30mm base, to give an idea of scale. I had planned on integrating him into the post-apoc games as a gang leader, but sadly he is far too big - he'd look 9ft tall alongside the rest of my collection. Oh well - he'll make a lovely addition to the miniatures cabinet once he's finished.

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  1. Yeah, I was blown away with the third installment but it's so hard to shy away from the second movie for sheer stunning cinema excellence.

    Love this figure, I love the whole line of figs they do. I really wanted to go whole hog and just go all in and get all of their Batman figs. Deathstroke, Green Arrow...the list goes on.