Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hordes of the Things: The Rise of the Undead

As mentioned in the last post, I have recently started to play Hordes of the Things with some friends - I've also acquired a bunch of different armies for it and a decent box of misc figures to use with the game. Eventually I will strip and repaint each of the armies I've bought, but to begin with I've decided to raid the box of spares and start an Undead force - here's how I've started:
Undead horsemen - these were what first led me to think of an undead force for the game. They're Warmaster figures. I've built bases for the army from plasticard.
All 5 bases of undead knights ranked up.
Spearmen - when I first saw these in the box, I thought they were Saxons or something along those lines - I actually think they're elves... My concept for these is that they were assigned to guard the barrow tomb of my Necromancer Lord upon his defeat. Upon his return to this plane of existence, he drained the souls from them and cast them into his servitude. His gaolers became his servants.
Once I'd finished the first base of them, I set about cleaning up the rest of them - they were originally on base strips of 5 men, but I think four to a base suits it well. I'm not sure where the figures are actually from - maybes Pendraken? 
Spearmen arrayed for battle! 
Swarms of giant bats! I think these might be Pendraken too, anyone know? Lovely figures - I built them some nice bases from cork and plasticard and pinned them for added support. Obviously these will be Flyers in game. 
Forces so far, with my leader in the middle - my favourite so far! More on him tomorrow...