Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hordes of the Things!

Just a quick post to show some of the stuff I've been upto games-wise in 2014: Hordes of the Things! The first four pictures are from our introductory battle (with 48pt forces each, 2 players each side - Elves and Human alliance vs Beastmen and Sumerians (basically Chaos mortals!). It was great!
Opening Moves

My Aerial Hero in the rear ranks of the Beastmen

The Gyrocopter assault on the enemy Stronghold

My Aerial Hero having some nice pork chops

2nd Game - Gyrocopters attack the Elven Spearmen

The field clears up a bit with the loss of my Aerial Hero...bugger.
Loving this game so far - I'm currently working on an Undead army and I've bought elves, humans, dwarves and demons (mostly Warmaster figures - the elves and humans are massive armies and the dwarves will be the next project after the undead. I'm having fun raking through my lead mountain to find interesting things from my 28mm miniatures to add to them!) from a expect lots more HotT in 2014!


  1. Sounds good and the games played look great with all the massed troops.

    1. Thanks Simon :) They're fun games! I'm looking forward to completing my own army for it.