Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hordes of the Things: General and Hero

Continuing the theme of a look at the build-up of my Hordes of the Things Undead army, we come to the start of my heroes for the force:
I was amazed to find these brilliant Warmaster figures amongst the various bits and pieces from the forces I've purchased - they're a Dark Emissary and a Truthsayer from the Dark Shadows/Albion campaign that Games Workshop ran! I actually really enjoyed that campaign/background and I loved these miniatures! I needed a Grand Necromancer for my Undead and the Dark Emissary fit the bill perfectly - the Truthsayer will be set aside to join the dwarves and elves when I get round to starting them! 
I also found a Tomb King Lord on throne amongst the odds and ends - his throne was atop this mound of skeletons and broken weapons. The pieces were glued, so I took them apart and cut away the base tab on the Dark Emissary - that was quite a fiddly job! I was very glad for the purchase of a new hobby saw! A bit of chopping here and there and he was added to the base, which I built up with some cork. Perfect lord for the army now! 
I discovered this chap yesterday in some bags of 10mm historicals that were part of the collection I've acquired - I'd guess that he's a priest of Sigmar or something like that, another Warmaster figure - I'm over the moon with him, such a lovely characterful sculpt! He'll be an apprentice Necromancer for a second Hero choice for my undead when used at 48pts!

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