Friday, 31 January 2014

Hordes of the Things: The God of Undeath

I recently bought a batch of Warmachine and Hordes figures and bits from eBay - it was a really good deal and lots of the figures looked like they'd fit in my various skirmish warbands really well. Amongst the batch of miscellaneous figures was this Cryx Bane Thrall - I knew straight away when starting the Hordes of the Things project that he'd fit perfectly for as a "God" in the Undead force I was going to build! 
The first thing I did was get rid of the ridiculous shoulder pads, leaving the part that the pads mounted to as a smaller, more reasonably-sized shoulder pad. I also chopped off the crudely sculpted axe and replaced it with the nice plastic scythe from the GW zombie regiment.
There's still more to sort out - gaps to fill and some moldlines to finish smoothing, but I'm really happy with him! I added a couple of his undead servants to his base - an undead hero of some sort and a standard bearer. This will probably be the last miniature that I complete for the project!

Comments most welcome!


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  2. please keep up this series - never been all that interested in 10mm until your posts.