Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Project - Post-Apocalyptic Gladiatorial Combat

I've recently started new project that I've been thinking of for a while - post-apocalyptic gladiatorial combat. Inspired by the brilliant gladiators of Carmen's Fun Painty Time, I bought the fantasy gladiator Red Sand Black Moon rules from Two Hour Wargames and downloaded the free Red Sand Brown Sky post-apocalyptic add-on. 

The add-on actually uses Carmen's gladiators, and rightfully so - they're brilliant post-apoc savages! The first of my gladiators are from Urban War's Junker Gladiator range - I've previously bought and painted one of the characters from the range, a portly brute with long hair and beard, who is the current leader of my post-apoc raiders. He'll work well against these too. My plan is to link the warbands I currently game with into the fighting pits - with them betting on matches or even entering their own fighters.

Feel more than free to comment - I regularly post on Instagram (easy from my iPhone) and I'll get around to posting up the various other bits and pieces I've recently finished/been working on shortly! Still getting in lots of games of Flying Lead!


  1. Before I converted my own post-apoc gladiators, I looked at Urban War's stuff; some of the things I did with my own collection was inspired by Urban Wars figures.


    1. Ah that's great, seems to have come full circle :) I'm having fun changing up some of the weapons and helmets. Thanks for the inspiration!