Sunday, 29 September 2013

More Post-Apoc Gladiators Built

Spent the day building a few more characters for the post-apoc gladiator project:

  • The gent with the sort-of trident (what do you call a trident with two spikes instead of three? A bident? Hah!) was a duplicate, so he had a bit of surgery and a road-sign shield made out of plasticard (my post-apoc is vaguely set in the US, apparently "YIELD" is their version of "Give Way" in the UK...I think). 
  • The lady with the bladed fighting staff was an awkward one, a bunch more trimming and some putty filling is required. She was quite a poor cast with some major mold lines, so the helmet was trimmed as well as her shoulder pads. 
  • Finally my favourite - a former grenadier who received a club wrapped with barbed wire from the Chaos Cultist plastics, plus a shield from the fantasy skeleton warriors which had the raised details removed and surface scratched up - this will also be a roadsign. The pieces just seem to fit well together on him.
More to come...

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