Sunday, 25 August 2013

Newsflash - Actual Games Being Played!

Since getting back into the miniature wargames hobby about 6 years ago, I've always been planning to run various games in a post-apoc universe (or fantasy, or Necromunda, or a Firefly-esque...) with my circle of friends. I've always put it off - it's always been too much hassle to set it up spur of the moment, or I've always wanted to "just finish off this last [piece of terrain, miniature, objective]" - I'm sure that anyone that still reads my blog will be happy to hear that I've finally started gaming!

These are some snapshots from the bunch of test games I've run in the past couple of weeks - I'm so happy with how things are looking all set up! It's also spurred on a flurry of painting and planning! This setup was the first game - an outpost of the shanty town being attacked by raiders and the scavenger militia responding.
This game was somewhat evenly matched with no true victor...
The rules we're using are Flying Lead from Ganesha Games - I've now got a good handle on the rules and I've began importing some scenarios from Necromunda and other sources - we started a Scavenger Hunt scenario last night and I'm planning on drawing up a map of the main town and surrounding areas. I'm also going to use some rules from Fear and Faith to represent rad-ghouls and other beasties. 
A ruined suburban setup. 
Another shanty outpost.
The main inspiration for the choice of Flying Lead and my plans for a co-operative setting for my friends is Dawn of the Lead - a great blog, whose author is running a great narrative "warpg" setting, combining the likes of Aliens, Predator and Terminator into one epic sci-fi setting. This would be my future plan for my setting, but instead of the above sources, it'll be closer to Fallout, Borderlands and Firefly...

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  1. Very Nice, congrats on getting yourself and your group to have just fun little games.