Thursday, 2 May 2013

Zomb-Apoc - PC Stan Cook

Things weren't going well for Stan - in his Police force, ranged weaponry didn't usually amount to much more than a taser. Not so on his transfer assignment. Firearms were commonplace on this force, as was the use of them since the rioting and attacks had begun to escalate. Stan was given a pump action shotgun, a quick refresher course in it's use and then sent out into the streets with his new partner. It wasn't long until he was running low on ammo, with all the crazies running around biting folks...
Stan had expected this assignment to run something like a "fish out of water" comedy. It hadn't exactly turned out that way. 

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Stan is another Hasslefree figure (a not-PC Danny Butterman from Hot Fuzz). Another zombie survivor!