Saturday, 4 May 2013

Post-Apoc - Sheriff Bolt Weld, Cyborg Vampire Hunter

Sheriff Bolt Weld reached into his jacket to check his timepiece. High noon was ticking ever closer, and with it, the 3-day eclipse. For three days every year, the sun blackened, allowing the swarms of mechani-bats and cybo-vamps to descend on the settlement he had peerlessly guarded for two generations. This time...something had changed.
For one, his Deputies had been found torn apart, CPU chips smashed, lenses shattered. Something inhuman had ambushed them and known exactly what was needed to shut them down. Townsfolk had been found drained of blood in their own homes. Livestock had been found mutilated, in front of what seemed like makeshift altars to...who knows what? This was more than Weld could cope with. He had been programmed to deal with the occult mechanical, not whatever this new threat was - could he get his townsfolk through the eclipse with their motherboards intact?

Comments? Questions? No idea what this figure is, previously had a sort of bowler hat. I replaced the head with one from a Darkson Designs Robot Trooper. A nice wacky conversion - I had been reading up on Mutants and Death Ray Guns whilst putting this guy together...


  1. Nice conversion mate and lovely paintjob.

    1. Thanks very much Simon! I was chuffed with the way the conversion came together - the base figure was a bit big, didn't really fit with my other figures, but works perfectly this way!