Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Zomb-Apoc - Mike, ex-con.

For ex-con Mike, the coming of the zombie apocalypse wasn't exactly the end of the world. Ironic really. No longer would he struggle to find gainful employment with his tarnished record or have to check in with his parole officer.
Mike had put a crawling, one-legged undead Police officer out of his misery with a steel toe'd boot to the head and was rewarded with a pistol and several ammunition clips. From here on, Mike was a new person - his future was finally back in his hands...

Mike is a Hasslefree Miniatures figure (a not-Marv) and will primarily be used in my zombie apocalypse setting.

Comments? Suggestions? All is most welcome!


  1. Nice job I'm yet to get this figure from Hasslefree It is one of my favourites but then pretty much the whole Modern Adventurer range is to lol. I've just picked up Alexander, Finn and a Morgan to paint up.

  2. Yeah! I love Hasslefree, definitely the best place for modern survivors! I have the not-Shaun of the Dead (the one swinging the bat) plus the girl with hockey stick in the "to paint" pile :)