Monday, 6 May 2013

Superheros Project - Mime

Say hello to Mime, an acrobatic villain (in the vein of Rag Doll) that uses stealth to close the distance to his enemies before gunning them down, that long-time readers may have seen before. Yep, that original post is from nearly two years ago - about time to get back to the superhero project, don't you think? Step in Clobberin' Time - a lovely looking ruleset that seems like a good place to start!

I've recently invested in more Heroclix to chop up and turn into new characters, plus various Copplestone/em4 miniatures to represent Police, Henchmen and street-level Vigilantes. So far I have Mime and Red Death (the Batman-esque supervillain who influences most of the schemes of the other villains) complete and a bunch more on the painting table. 

Comments? Suggestions? I love how cheap this project is, with only two or three miniatures needed for each faction (although I have got various different factions and henchmen-types planned).

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