Monday, 10 September 2012

Xenos Mercs - Guard-Pack pt.2

The rest of the Kraanites, following the scent of their pack-brothers...
The Kraanite pack found in the slums of Araskh is estimated to number between 30-50 hounds, plus their allies - various xenos species are known to work alongside the hounds to provide support. The group is then divided into Hunt-Packs or Guard-Packs depending upon the task assigned to them. Pictured above is the rest of the hounds of the Guard-Pack assigned to protect a number of corporate assets around the sprawling settlement of Groundfall.

Kraanite hounds are tenacious fighters, fiercely loyal to their employers and consumnate scavengers - their weaponry and equipment is often taken from their defeated enemies. This approach works well for the Guard-Pack stationed in Groundfall, as fresh supplies to the settlement are often limited.

These are from the old Cobalt-1 range, now sold here: Ar-Men from Black Hat Miniatures. I have a bunch of other figures from this range - lots of really cool stuff - nice aliens to add to your 40k skirmishes.


  1. Nifty dog-dudes, I'll have to check out that range from Black Hat.